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I'm Mike. I'm an Emmy-winning television editor with well over 15 years of experience.  I love telling complex stories driven by conflicted, flawed characters. I'm a trusted collaborator with a tremendous amount of experience solving problems in the edit room. I have earned a reputation for being creative, fast and efficient.

Story. Is. Everything.

I'm exceptionally skilled at delving into hours of dailies and finding...that eye roll, that sly smile, that exasperated sigh that never gets logged in the script notes, and using those moments to help craft a compelling story. I call it bringing order to chaos. I love doing the work. I love the process. And I work tirelessly to bring every project from raw dailies, to the best, finished version it can possibly be, on time and with as little drama as possible.

Growing up in blue-collar Scranton, Pennsylvania instilled a strong work ethic in me that I've had since I was working as a production assistant, cleaning monitors at the regional CBS affiliate. After graduating from a local university, I moved to New York City to begin my professional editing career. Over the next decade, I edited thousands of projects for NBC, MTV, VH1, Bravo, Lifetime, HBO, Showtime and many others. While working in New York, I earned two Emmy awards as an editor, including an individual Emmy for the ABC Sports documentary, A Passion to Play: Stories of Women in Sports.

I eventually moved to Los Angeles, with the goal of working on higher profile projects. After less than a year in LA, I  was offered a position on the CBS one-hour drama Bull, which I edited for several seasons. 

I've shared the edit room with show runners such as Robert Small, Tiffany Trigg, and Glenn Gordon Caron, as well as directors such as Brett Ratner, Joel Gallen, Bethany Rooney, Dennis Smith and Mary Lou Belli.

I hope we can talk soon about your next project.

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